Kink Centered Intuitive Massage

Kink Centered Intuitive Massage is a unique service I offer that is a heavenly combination of your favorite fetish elements and sensuous touch.

I provide a unique blend of Massage and Kink meant to engage your sensuality and bathe your body and mind in total pleasure.

Experience Bondage,Roleplay, Domination, Impact Play, Sensation Play, Wax Play, Power Play, or any other fetish that brings you pleasure while directly assisting in your physical relaxation.
The level of massage or fetish aspects depends entirely on the chosen experience you are looking for.

Imagine being blindfolded, your hands bound above you as you experiencing a silky massage, all natural aroma-therapeutic oils relaxing your senses,  you feel the teasing touches across your body, slowly growing more substantial, my gentle hands flow across your body teasingly, with no sight to alert you of my next coming touch, I shall leave you on edge in the most delicious of ways.

Enjoy the combination of a gentle messaging touch intermittent with devious impact play?
Feel my gentle touch slide across your body, interchanged with cruel spanking or scratching. I shall delicately take you right to the edge of pleasure and pain with my calculated touch.

Or perhaps you shall wait in anticipation on your knees as I quietly operate behind you.
Will you feel my soft touch against your skin or a cool ice cube running across your skin? You may experience a  torturous or relaxing sensation, perhaps it will be fiery hot wax dripping across your back? Try and keep up as I surprise you each time.
Enjoy my teasing, and taunting and cruel touch as I take control of your body and are render you pleasurably helpless.