My Interests

My absolutes favorite include OTK spanking, face smacking (barehanded preferably), scratching, spanking, small penis humiliation, tease and denial, objectification/dehumanization, ignore fetish.

-Extreme orgasm denial/delay

-Financial control/servitude

Human Furniture: On your hands and knees as a comfortable seat for me! I love relaxing while using you as my comfy footstool or seat as I read, taunt you, or paint my nails.

Foot/Stocking Worship: Worship and adore my sexy size 9 feet.I have lovely sexy feet that love pampering and I love wearing over the knee sock sand colourful tights. Perhaps give my lovely feet a massage?  Are you more tactile? Kissing and licking is welcomed and encouraged with respectful partners. Like it Dirty? I’m an active lady who loves hiking and traveling and would love to accommodate for those who like dirty or sweaty feet.

Foot Gagging

-Maid/pet/slave training:Be a good puppy, my naughty maid, whatever’s your heart desire.


Armpit Worship/Scent Worship

Looner/Ballon Fetish: Are you a looner? What is the Balloon fetish fantasy that’s been on your mind? I enjoy both sensual balloon fetish play or a more dominating play depending on the request. I enjoy clothed balloon play or wearing cute bikinis/being topless during looner sessions. Poppers and Non-poppers welcomed! 



Don’t see your particular interest listed? Email Me at with a description of your fetish and what you’re thinking of and I’ll get back to you at my discretion. I love exploring new fetishes with the right partner.

Hard Limits: Being Submissive Racial Humiliation, Portraying myself as a child, Face Sitting, Biting, Filming/Photography,Cuckolding,Sexual Body Worship