Who is Stella-Violette

About Stella Violette

Welcome darling, I am Stella-Violette, your secret escape from the everyday life.
I am a sensualist and lover of healing power of Touch, whether through Fetish/BDSM or Massage.

I wish to take you on a journey of the senses

Pleasure Curator, Dominatrix and Fetish Companion are all titles I am delighted to have.
I am a Fetish Model and Massage Therapist in training Based in the Bay Area. I am an ethereal, free-spirited fae like individual, in love with making the world a more pleasurable place.

Experiencing Touch is one of the most accessible forms of relaxation.
Touch is an instant reliever of stress or anxiety

Explore the relaxation of being able to explore your true self, indulge in the therapeutic benefits of Sensual Touch.
Fetish/BDSM, Kink Centered Intuitive Massage and Sensual Massage are examples of experiences I offer that will gift you freedom from stress and a feeling of relaxation and comfort.
What is the most dreamed about fantasy you've imagined?
I thrive when indulging in Fetish, I find them a very intriguing and a fun feature of human sexuality that tends to unfortunately go ignored, sometimes even misunderstood, know that when you meet me, it will be a completely accepting and nonjudgmental experience.
Know that you are safe with me to explore your deepest self.

I have explored the fetish and BDSM community in San Francisco and online and I have discovered a particular skill and love for compassionate domination, while I enjoy offering strict and humiliating scenes when requested, I am a compassionate Domme and your wellbeing and emotional health being is always my top priority, I enjoy being playful and sensual.In Domme sessions I enjoy being reffered to as Miss, Madam, or simply, Stella.

I am your tempting and seductive Goddess leading you through a carefully crafted scene, I am your creatively cruel or playfully superior Mistress exploiting your deepest desires. I can be your Sensual Healer, gently easing tension or stress from your body with touch and massage with silky organic oils.

Allow me to accompany you as we journey through your most dreamed about fantasies. No matter the facet present in my sessions I am always accepting and dedicated to creating an atmosphere of total ease, step into a space where you can totally let go and be 100% you.

I am the perfect companion to explore all sides of yourself without fear.
Together we will peel back the layers of the masks we hide behind and enjoy our true authentic selves wihtout fear.

Shiny Leather Domina Fetish Companion Stella Violette

Who Are You?

You are a curious traveler interested in discovering a space of total pleasure.
You have arrived here to have tension and stress eased while you explore total relaxation with a sensual dedicated partner. My alluring, inviting energy and warm gaze will draw you in, allow yourself to dive into the realm of enjoyment and relaxation, divulge your deepest fantasies to me and know you can trust your secret side with me.

What is the most dreamed about fantasy you've imagined? What are you longing to explore and enjoy?

Come escape to a different realm with me.

C o n t a c t

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